Schenectady NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

The city of Schenectady issues a lot of traffic tickets, probably most especially on 85 as commuters go into and out of the city, and back and forth from Albany, for work and other business. Watch out for the speed limit change from 65 to 55 and back on various parts of the highways going through Schenectady County or you may end up with a New York speeding ticket or some other citation for violation of the New York State Vehicle & Traffic law. If you have been cited for some violation and would like experienced counsel to represent you and help resolve the matter, attorney Randall Kehoe can help.

Mr. Kehoe grew up in Schenectady and has been defending clients in the Schenectady City Court since in 1990. He offers affordable legal fees with the total quoted up-front. To discuss the particular details of your case, please contact our office by phone or by submitting an online inquiry here on our Schenectady website. Our office monitors calls and emails daily so we will be in touch with you quickly to help ease concerns about court dates, court fines, license points, driving restrictions, and insurance prices. We are also available during business hours on our Live Support Chat. Let Mr. Kehoe's vast experience with these matters and the local courts, judges, and prosecutors in the city of Schenectady and other towns all over Schenectady County work for you to find a simple, inexpensive resolution to your case, whether that's a plea to a lesser charge or a trial. We can help you if you have been charged with speeding, failure to yield, red light, disobey traffic device, 1144 A (Move Over law), Aggravated Unlicensed Operator (A.U.O.), suspended license, unregistered vehicle, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, etc.

Can I Avoid Getting Any Points?

In very many cases, it is possible to avoid any points. Of course, with any legal case, there are many factors involved in the negotiation of a traffic ticket case. State law provides for the assignment of certain point values depending on the conviction. If you have been charged with speeding 21mph or over the posted speed limit, for example, you are facing a 6-point speeding ticket. In addition to points, New York issues a special Driver Safety Assessment fee for certain violations. These policies, along with your original charge, your past driving history, the local prosecuting office, and in the end, the judge, all contribute to what can happen in regards to points, fines, fees, and other penalties. With experience in courts all over the state, we have begun posting outcomes for some of our old cases on our website - There, you can view real outcomes from real cases we have handled and gain a better idea of what you can expect when hiring our office.

* If you are a solo attorney or law firm seeking local of counsel in the Schenectady City Court, or any other court in Schenectady County, NY we invite you to contact us with details. We handle cases for firms in Ontario & Quebec, Canada, New York City, and states throughout the United States.

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